Tobi is having a huge sale!

What better way to spend your paycheck than to get 25% anything you buy from the Tobi website. They have everything, I mean EVERYTHING, on sale.
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John Fluevog

Whilst window shopping around town yesterday, I stumbled upon a danty pair of shoes at Creatures Boutique, located on South Congress. Upon exploring the website today, I fell in love, with both the shoes and the company's quirky business statement:

Moses used tablets, Picasso used paints, God used Moses, Alex G Bell used the telephone and John Fluevog uses shoes.

Quite a bold statement to make! But you can't argue with a shoe company who offer their best selling styles for the Vegan market as well, and have resoleing options when you "wear" through them.

Check out more on this brand on the websies!


This shoe company speaks mega comfort and simplicity. I believe it would be befitting to say men should make these the mocassins of the fall season. Buy some...or envy.

Nudie Denim

It's about time that I quit restraining myself and proclaim to the world that I am in love...with Nudie Jeans, and have proudly been for many years. If you ever asked for a recommendation on denim, then you have heard me preach and boast and sigh. Nudie Jean Co., can I date you? Or stalk you? I could go on all day...but basically, I just wanted to recommend these babies below:

Thin Finn Dry Coated in Black or Grey:
$165 at Oak NYC

Woweee! I don't know how I've managed to miss out on this amazing website for so long, considering how much time I spend locked into the web. Lookbook is an innovative fashion blog that let's its readers do the posting. Members can post pictures of styles they like, are rocking, etc., and get feedback through the comments left by Lookbook's viewers. Other great perks? Some members will leave shopping information on the items they are wearing! Pure 100% golden genius-ness!

Dear Jeremy Scott,

you are absolutely amazing.

Much much much love,
Bambi L.

Gold Toolbox Shield Sunglasses, available at Oak NYC.

Swear Buy It!

Perhaps it's a little too early in the morning to be executing so much wordplay. Swear is a London-based shoe company that has been around since 2001, and I have to say I am totally blown away by their collection. Check them out for yourself!

Trend: Oversized Hoods

I'm positive you will start to see more and more oversized hood/cowl neck action as it gets closer to fall. Embrace it....because it's ridiculously awesome.

Not a Music Blog...

If you know me, then chances are you can name my two greatest addictions--Swedish denim and Pharrell Williams. Seeing Sounds comes out today, so in stalkeresque dedication, here are a few things to add Skateboard P swagger to your closet:

Way Shiner Shades by Lanvin

Ace of Spades Tee by BBC

Croc Birkin Tote by Hermes

Wazenbi: The Winkle Specialist

Last night my roomie and I were scouring Ebay for a great steals on vintage shoes. While we didn't find too many prospects, I did stumble upon these great winklepickers by Wazenbi:

There is not a lot of information about this brand on the interwebs, but here are the links to both the Ebay store and the Wazenbi blog, where you can order a pair of your very own.


The summertime always brings out my inner bag-lady. You wouldn't believe how many wonderful goodies I manage to squeeze into my handbag of, magazines, make-up, 40s...

Shiny Cloth Duffel Bag by American Apparel

Justin Holdall Tote by Mulberry

Miss Marc Tote by Marc Jacobs
Armstrong Bag by Rogue Gallery

Find of the Day

Great Northern scarf by In4mation, available here.

Serious Hardware Pt 5

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